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The company Chapellu S.R.L. is proud to present its variegated production and distribution of products for building and urban design.

Ornamental stones of exclusive production





The ornamental stones shown above, for their peculiar physical and mechanical characteristics are used for all applications both indoor and outdoor with various finishing. They are ideal for flooring, covering, window-sills, thresholds, portals, columns, kitchen tops and bathrooms.
All our exclusive products are commercialized by the company both in blocks and in slabs of various size and thickness.

Marbles, granites, and travertine stones

The company Chapellu S.R.L. imports blocks and slabs of marble, granite and travertine stones. By the use of its own laboratory it provides the manufacturing according to the client’s requests.

Clicca e visualizza il catalogo- Marbles: the wide range of marbles, classic, elegant, and modern (over three hundred kinds) are chosen by the company in blocks extracted from quarries all over the world and, once sawn in slabs of various thickness, undergo different techniques in order to be refined.
- Granites: thanks to the optimal physical and chemical characteristics, the over one hundred granites selected by the company are excellent materials as pavement of intense traffic areas; with the shining, polish, or flamed refining, the granites will remain unaltered during time and are ideal for modern dwellings, to cover floors, to use on staircases and as kitchen tops.
- Travertine stones: the particular deals established by the company with some important quarrymen of travertine stone allow to satisfy at a reasonable price all potential requests for domestic and international clients.

Use the following link to visualize our catalog on line.

Building products
The company Chapellu S.R.L. produces and sells to its clientele various building materials:

- Stones (golden green) in various patches
- Products for cantonal use (made upon ordering and provided on pallets)
- Sheared to make stabs and pebbles for historical downtown areas (provided in crates)
- Small blocks of various size and thickness for road paving
- Slabs of various size and thickness for general paving
- Lose (flat stones used for roof covering) to cover roofs:
the company directly imports from Norway and Greece, and commercializes with highly competitive prices, lose of first choice and quality, with certification from the Turin Polytechnic.

Urban and garden design
The company Chapellu S.R.L. can produce upon design: fountains, flower pots, benches, tables, columns, bases and all other design element upon request.

Interior design
The company Chapellu S.R.L. can produce upon design: tops for kitchens and bathrooms, elements for window frames and framing for chimneys, portals.

Funeral art
The company Chapellu S.R.L. can produce upon design: flooring and covering of niches, burial locule coverings, covering slabs in ingot, marble sculptures.

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