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Ornamental stone ruby red with rounded elements of various color.
It is an easy to use stone, able to satisfy the various needs of architects and designers looking for new building and interior and exterior design materials.
Excellent stone to be applied indoor and outdoor in the smoothing and sanding refining techniques, where it can express all its beauty also sided to other stones or marbles.

Technical characteristics:

Color ruby red with round centrimetral granules white-hyaline colored
Origin Switzerland - Vallais
Finishing Shining, glazing, sanding, smoothing
Apparent volume mass Kg./mc. 2.815
Water absorption 0,18% in mass
Compression resistance MPa 88
Resistance to indirect traction MPa 30,2
Coefficient of abrasion resistance 0,93

Collonges Red
Collonges Red - Shined Collonges Red - Sanded Collonges Red - Smoothed

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